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Optimistic news

If you're tired of reading negative stories of doom and gloom during your lunch break you may enjoy browsing through the optimist's website instead.

By offering small UK charities free advertising space, featuring a load of optimistic celebrities and inviting companies to brag about their csr policies, the site editors will have to work hard at ensuring that some actual news shines through all the back-slapping bonhomie. 

Yet I would still prefer to read good news than about death, pestilence and war over my desk-bound sandwich any day!

Created on Thursday January 31 2008 10:02 AM

Tags: charity csr new-web-site

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Schmoozing with the luvvies

While Lisa dined out on croissants and hearty English fare yesterday, I quaffed a few glasses of complimentary red with the cream of Bristol media society... dahling! 

It seemed that everyone had turned over the same leaf, with a collective decision made to be sociable and 'get out there'. 

Goldbrick House's champagne bar was heaving with an eclectic mixture of folk representing the entire spectrum of media.  I met cameramen, post production crews, an artistic dance director and a lovely illustrator amongst others, whose lengthy job titles prevent me from mentioning them here.  What they all had in common, however, was an open, friendly approach - cooperation rather than competition seemed to be the order of play here.

Bristol Media are doing a great job of providing a link between disparate arms of the well established media body here in the South West - I'm looking forward to the next event in February.

Created on Wednesday January 30 2008 03:42 PM

Tags: media networking new-year technology

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Networking and full English breakfast!


It's been a while since there was a post about what we've been up to, so I thought it was about time I added one.

Yesterday I went along to a Business West breakfast networking event, where I not only got to meet lots of interesting people and hear a talk about the new Bristol Heart Institute at the BRI, but I also had a scrummy full English breakfast washed down with a cup of tea.

However it all seemed slightly ironic, that there we were tucking into a big plate of cholesterol, not to mention the plate full of croissants available and a free complimentary chocolate bar, all while listening to a talk by the Heart of Bristol appeal on how to avoid a heart attack!!

My next venture out will be on the 6th February to a networking event with guest speaker Julia Hartley-Brewer, Assistant Editor and columnist for The Sunday Express.

It's women only though lads!

Created on Wednesday January 30 2008 01:11 PM

Tags: networking

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Microsoft automatic browser update warning

For those of you averse to the relentless march of technology - beware!

Microsoft intends to enforce an automatic browser update from IE6 to IE7 via Windows Server Update Services from February 12th 2008.  The company explain that this move was prompted by security concerns.

Anyone wishing to stick with IE6 must take the following precautions to avoid the automatic update:

"Specifically, administrators who have set WSUS to automatically approve Update Rollups will need to disable the auto-approval rule before Feb. 12 to prevent IE7 from infiltrating their infrastructure. After that date, they must synchronize the update package with their WSUS server and then switch the autoapproval rule back on."

Source: InfoWorld

Created on Monday January 28 2008 11:46 AM

Tags: automatic-updates microsoft technology web-development

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How to get your soap fix online

As a follow-on from the last post - this may prove to be just the start of an online drama craze:


If this does indeed present the thin end of the wedge then we may be watching all our favourite actors online in five years time... and all demand 100Mbps!

Created on Wednesday January 23 2008 11:38 AM

Tags: online-drama technology

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Fibre providers

Great fibre providerApparently the UK is lagging behind our European counterparts in areas other than fine wine and healthy lifestyles.  Plans to give new-build homes super fast cable connections are only in the initial stages, while many existing homes can't expect to enjoy speeds similar to the continent until 2020.

Opinions are divided over the 'best' way to speed up connections and by 'best' I mean 'cheapest'.  H20 is pushing for fibre optic cables, laid through sewer networks, to produce speeds of 100Mbps at a cost of £15bn. BT are reluctant to move entirely away from DSL copper cables, as a mixture of these and fibre optics will only set them back a mere £5bn. 

Questions over who will want to use these higher speeds seem to have forgotten the impact YouTube has had in the past few years, ignored the increase of online TV consumption and played down the increasing numbers of online gamers demanding higher definition gaming services.  Every time a provider has offered larger bandwidth and faster connections we lap it up and I can't see this trend abating...

Created on Wednesday January 23 2008 11:28 AM

Tags: technology web-development

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Online sales soar

Christmas was a time of joy for online retailers the BBC have revealed.  The message seems clear - consumers are switching from spending on the high street to buying online.

Certain industries lead the virtual way - electronics and clothing companies currently ruling the roost - yet all sectors seem to be waking up to the concept of online shopping.

From stationers to nonprofits, from corporate hospitality to cheese, organisations are starting to fight for their share of the online market.

None of this is really news, it merely comes as confirmation to many. Internet shopping is infinitely more convenient than trudging down slippery winter high streets. Why spend hours fighting against the crowd when you can click a few buttons and getting a package through the post a few days later?!  

Created on Monday January 21 2008 04:59 PM

Tags: e-commerce shopping

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Blogging barristers

One of our most progressive clients have developed their web presence even further this week by launching a personalised blog. 

New Walk Chambers wanted this to be fully integrated with their website, contain a Google search tool to help find specific posts quickly and features a number of bookmarking icons enabling readers to link interesting entries with their favoured social networking sites.  Comments will be welcomed on all posts, with a CAPTCHA challenge and internal moderation included to ensure the blog is not compromised by spam.

The Practice Manager for New Walk hopes that the blog will open up an informal line of communication between Chambers and the public, giving visitors to the web site a chance to air their opinions in response to subjects broached by practising barristers.   He is also aware of the blog’s potential to improve their search engine rankings.  Fresh content added to any web site will attract the attention of ‘search spiders’, especially when linked with large social networks like Facebook.

With over 30 barristers eager to start posting their comments  - both on cases they’re personally involved in and wider issues relating to the legal profession -  this blog will definitely be one to watch.

Simon Newing

Created on Monday January 21 2008 12:00 AM


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Want to lose weight? Buy Apples

So the big announcement at MacWorld yesterday was the MacBook Air - the new laptop from apple that's no wider than 0.76 inches and weighs in at 1.3 kgs. Truly designed for the wireless world, there's no CD or DVD drive and it also features a custom, smaller chip from Intel. It'll set you back £1200.

MacBook Air is the latest in a series of gadgets and fun stuff released by Apple annually, and the BBC have a good article on stuff from previous years. 

After ten years or so working on Windows, I made the switch to a Mac Mini last year, and I probably wouldn't go back now. Despite the various rib-tickling comments from PC-using friends and colleagues, the Mac OS feels more intuitive and secure, and if I'm honest it just looks a lot nicer. Mac minis are popping up all over the office now, there's one in the meeting room and they're even creeping into the technical team. 


Simon Newing

Created on Wednesday January 16 2008 05:07 PM

Tags: technology

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The next generation of democracy

Lisa and Jim have been working closely with youngsters at DAFBY, ensuring that all views were taken into consideration during this web site build. 

DAFBY (Democratic Action For Bath & North Somerset Youth) is supported by Bath and North East Somerset Council and open to young people in the area aged 13 to 19. DAFBY aims to enable young people to develop skills, confidence, knowledge and awareness so that they can challenge injustice and take part in decision making.

DAFBY members are young people from across the region and have real responsibilities within B& NES council, the Connexions service and the UK youth parliament. The young people decide which issues they want to focus on, including everything from education, transport and reducing youth crime, to equality and democracy.

Visit DAFBY web site here.

Simon Newing

Created on Monday January 14 2008 12:00 AM


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