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Excited to put into practise some of the advice @ValuableContent gave at their workshop for @Bristol_Media yesterda…, posted 8 months ago

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Digital Love

Digital Love

The trouble with being dead busy and heads-down-cracking-on is you get a bit inward-facing... which is great for the here and now, but means you can lose sight a bit of what's happening out there in the big wide world of Web. So yesterday was a great opportunity for me to raise my head up, and spend the day at a conference in Bristol City Centre - On The Edge Digital. It was a really inspiring event - the speakers covered a range of topics, some of which we know, some we think we know and some we can learn a lot from!

The subjects included:

  • Content - matching it to your sales process, and your target audience
  • Localised SEO (search Engine Optimisation) and Searches - what does it mean to be Local?
  • Email Marketing - some easy methods to try to get improved results
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) - quick wins and Google's new Enhanced campaigns
  • Social Media - strategy, common mistakes and what channels to use
  • RWD (Responsive Web Design) - understanding more about why, and when to make the change to give the best user experience
  • Social Networking for B2B - making it the right fit; and fitting it in!

And I do love the Digital World. It's inspiring and jaw-dropping and infuriating and exciting and keeps on changing ALL THE TIME. I love learning about latest developments and trends and news and views, forming opinions, putting them into practice, and then applying new developments and trends and news and views to make ongoing improvements... and so it goes on.

If you think it's about time to review your website or digital marketing strategy, please do get in touch. There's some exciting new developments happening right now, and it's all fresh in my mind - so let's have a chat and see what we can do to get you a bit of Digital Love too :-)

So it’s finally here.....Facebook for iPad

So it’s finally here.....Facebook for iPad

I was on the laptop late on Monday night and decided to check on the latest going on in the world of Facebook. After typing Facebook in Google, I noticed the New York Times had posted an article saying Facebook had finally released its iPad app! Upon clicking on the article I saw that it was true and after months of rumours it had finally been released – quietly I must add!

So straight on to the iPad – I had to see what all the fuss was about and was this really worth waiting for? I had been using the myPad app for Facebook previously, which I had to pay for (Facebook is free of course). The app has apparently been ready since May and it was anticipated for release at the recent F8 conference and also the Apple ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event.

Upon opening the app it has a very slick and recognisable feel (especially for iPhone users). The touch navigation is intuitive, as would be expected and it was easy to navigate around pages and updates quickly and easily. I was able to message a friend with a simply click and had a box pop up without leaving their profile.

The photos on the site was where it really stepped up a level – I was able to flick through hundreds of picture on albums with ease and the navigation at the bottom of screen is an excellent feature. The photos were stunning on the iPad’s display (as much as can be with the picture quality on Facebook)’s where I think the iPhone app has its limitations really but due to size more than anything.

There is still features that I need to try like the chat facilities, but it was a definite improvement on the myPad app and easier to use than the Facebook site on Safari. I would definitely recommend it for any iPad user who uses Facebook on a regular basis.

Created on Tuesday October 11 2011 10:46 AM

Tags: ipad facebook apps socialmedia

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F-commerce the first step towards Facebook domination?

F-commerce the first step towards Facebook domination?


We've all heard of e-commerce right? Well sorry, but that's so last decade, say hello to F-commerce. The new way to shop online. Businesses have realised for a long time how valuable Facebook is to their brand, with your facebook fans 41% more likely to recommend your company. With Facebook being such an integral part of everyone's lives, users currently spend 700 billion minutes per month browsing the network, it was only a matter of time for businesses to cotton onto the fact that it makes sense to not only let their facebook fans interact with them but shop with them on Facebook too, rather than making them leave to go to a separate website.

So the first UK f-commerce store was born last year with ASOS taking the lead. Although I'm not wholly convinced by the integrated store front (it feels a bit less robust than a normal site and there are some problems with navigation in chrome using back buttons, all of which is set to improve with the move to iFrames in the coming months) I think what we might be looking at is the future of the internet.

There is the argument; why shop on Facebook when there is a perfectly good, well tested, website built specifically for shopping? But Facebook offers something more; the power of recommendation and the trusted opinion of your friends and contacts. The point is that f-commerce is perhaps the beginning for the future of the internet. Maybe one day all of the internet will exist on Facebook and we'll do everything through it; read the news, look for directions, buy the latest handbag and at the same time tell our friends what we think and like.


Created on Friday May 27 2011 09:20 AM

Tags: facebook socialmedia f-commerce

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Chromebook and the Cloud

Chromebook and the Cloud

So Google's launching Chromebook, the device that connects you to the web instantly, and lets you do...not much else!

But with cloud computing that's not too much of an issue, right? Who needs all those pesky, cumbersome programmes running when, let's face it, all you really want to do is check a few emails, do a bit of facebook stalking and maybe order a new pair of shoes or three?

And even if you do want to create documents, and maybe update that spreadsheet of your finances, Google Docs lets you do it all in the Cloud with no need to save anything locally. Brilliant!

Or is it?

In the week when Facebook were outed as commissioning a smear campaign against Google regarding their Social Circle feature and the security of data online, is it such a good idea to have EVERYTHING in the cloud? And, more significantly, with Google?

Yes, it's very convenient that all you have to do to use your Chromebook is log in with your Google account, but when Chrome has all your browsing history, Google Docs have got all your data, your GMail account all your communications...well, you get the picture.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Google fan, but I don't think I'm alone in thinking it's all getting a bit scary!

Created on Friday May 13 2011 12:28 PM

Tags: google social-networking facebook chrome socialmedia chromebook

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Royal wedding or digital death?

Royal wedding or digital death?

I know, I know, I know. Not a very original theme for a blog article. Here at Focus Towers it feels like everyone's going unreasonably nuts for the forthcoming nuptials.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to bits about the extra bank holiday, but that's about as far as it goes.

2 billion people across the globe will tune in in some way to watch the ceremony, it's reckoned, making it possibly the biggest media event in history. 

Googling anything to do with weddings that day? Good luck! You're not likely to get anything useful. Top search terms are reckoned to be 'royal wedding stream online' and variations around that theme.

What's really striking though is that this is the first truly digital event of its kind. Charles and Di in '83 may have attracted some attention, but this time, it'll be more a case of trying to escape it! 

Of the 2 billion (!) people estimated to be watching across the globe, an estimated 400 MILLION will stream the content online. 400 million. That's about six times the population of the UK, kids.

The royal family may have managed to turn down B Sky B's request to film the event in 3D (I kid you not), but they can't stop the hoards all trying to get their little bit of the magic digitally. Will the internet fall over? Who knows? Good luck servers across the globe!

I won't be watching online. I won't be watching on TV. I'll be on a beach on the south coast somewhere hopefully. But the thing is, I'll have my iPhone with me for sure. And Twitter. And Facebook. And the Royal Wedding digitally, in the palm of my hand. Looks like I might be getting involved, after all...

Twitter - 5 years old today!

Twitter - 5 years old today!

Today sees Twitter turn 5 years old and with it celebrate a meteoric rise to fame and popularity. Currently 1 billion tweets are being sent a week, indicating that the social media era is definitely here to stay. This fascination with the ability to broadcast ourselves to the world has changed the way we interact with each other. We can't seem to get enough social media, if we're not tweeting our latest thoughts or facebooking our friends we're watching blockbusters about the creation of our favourite social network.

It is a fact: Facebook and Twitter have defined a generation. Facebook and Twitter have a magic formula which attracts thousands of people. People who could become potential customers, there is a huge opportunity for small businesses to tap into that market through the platform that these social networks provide. Social media has replaced print advertisements, with an estimated 85% of small businesses launching social media campaigns this year.This new form of communication offers a way for businesses to personify themselves whilse using micro blogging as a sales and marketing tool.

We can see where this is going and are already doing social media campaigns for some of our clients. If you think social media could make a big change to your business we'd be happy to put together a social media strategy and implement it for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Created on Monday March 21 2011 10:44 AM

Tags: youth young-people facebook social-media twitter socialmedia facebook

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