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Annette is at #winwithoutpitching today with @Bristol_Media and @blairenns, will be an interesting afternoon, posted 7 days ago

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Timeline for Brands – One Week to Go!

Timeline for Brands – One Week to Go!

So by now you’ve probably seen that your profile and your friends have changed to the new Timeline feature on Facebook…do you like it? Not many people seem to…I however, am a fan. 

When I saw that Facebook was rolling out to the brand pages I was looking forward to seeing the results. We look after a few Facebook pages for our clients, so I was keen to see what the difference would be. 

First impression was that this format is better – key thing for me is that it looks more modern, easier to promote specific posts, and I’m happy the page gating is gone…too many pages have far too many gates for my liking and some pages you came across had a 20 strong list of gates for each campaign they were running. 

So what’s changed? Well quite a bit..I’ve detailed below the main changes that I see: 

  1. Cover Photo – this is the first thing people will see...there are some new guidelines from Facebook on this, which focus on removing the promotional element of page gates.
  2. Tabs – these have replaced the links on the left hand side of the old layout and you have the ability to choose 3 of the 4 featured tabs. 
  3. About – the ‘About’ section has been given prominence underneath the profile picture. 
  4. Messages – users have the ability to message brand pages. 
  5. Admin Panel – the new admin panel provides page owners with insights and notifications all in one place.
  6. History – users can easily and quickly go through your status updates, photos, posts quick and easily with the history panel. 
  7. Pinning and Highlighting – page owners have the ability to pin and highlight posts to give more prominence to important updates. 

With the rollout happening on 30th March…next week is your last chance to make amends to your page before it’s released to the public

Created on Friday March 23 2012 10:40 AM

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The Future of Facebook

The Future of Facebook

A lot of people are talking about the Facebook IPO and the changes that it may bring; THE social network will no longer be answerable to only themselves but will have opened up to the pressure of shareholders. I’ve worked for a public listed company – share price matters! If the share price drops someone has to take responsibility.

I’ve also noticed the last few weeks bring up some interesting articles on the new Timeline feature (I’m a huge fan, I have to say), but quite a few are slating the new profile style. It’s very Marmite.

2012 is going to be a huge turning point for Facebook. I’ve noticed a number of friends on Facebook saying that they are leaving and to contact them through email or phone. I myself went through a massive Facebook cull of old school friends or people I met years ago that I don’t speak to. I used the analogy of I was walking down the street would I stop and speak to these people or look the other and pray they didn’t notice me. I cut my friends list by over 100 people! 

I’m not saying Facebook is going to nosedive like MySpace did, but I was on MySpace – I used it religiously for new music, talking with friends, etc. Now I use Facebook. A lot. I have the iPhone app, the iPad app, I log in on my laptop – I share news, photos, videos, I chat with friends in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. I recently posted the 20 week scan picture of my new baby before I had told most people my partner was even expecting – it’s easier than multiple calls or texts. 

It will be interesting to see the changes that happen this year and also next – will the pressure of shareholders drive visitor numbers away (which will change the landscape for businesses advertising on Facebook) or will the billion dollar revenues mean the company consistently innovates as it has been the last 6 years?  Only time will tell. 


Created on Friday February 10 2012 10:03 AM

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Developing a Facebook Strategy

Developing a Facebook Strategy

We were approached by a client recently to advise on setting up a Facebook presence for a organisation whose target market is vulnerable children.  Hence the brief provided was not a normal Facebook presence and had a strict criteria list.

The strict criteria list related to maintaining privacy and reducing any associated risks involved in using the social network to communicate with these children.

We spent some time reviewing this list as we had experience of setting up Facebook pages for other companies and organisations whose main aim was to promote themselves through Facebook. This project’s aim was promoting the organisation BUT also ensuring communication from users was minimal.  This was something which we knew would be difficult, as this was going against what Facebook was designed for.

During our investigation we set up an array of pages, groups and profiles to understand how each would work with these key requirements. We reported back to the project team our thoughts and findings which included the challenges, issues and advantages each of these options offered.

Once an agreement was made on a preferred method, we worked on reducing the risk associated with this option. We successfully built up a test page which met the criteria list and we also identified some risks which were not considered initially by the project team to ensure our solution had the lowest risks possible. The project group are going to implement our findings once they have recieved sign off.

Social media was THE buzz word for 2011 and a lot of companies, groups and organisations are jumping on the bandwagon without thinking about the how, where and why? We’ve developed social media strategies for a number of clients this year to ensure they understand the reasons why they are doing something and the best way to use social media for their goals and aims. 

Created on Wednesday December 07 2011 04:14 PM

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5 ways to market your website on social media

5 ways to market your website on social media

We decided to put together a few simple ways to market your web site on social media sites, so take a look below at some of the easy ways to drive more traffic to your site. 

1. Online Events - hold unique online events such as 12 or 24-hour Tweet-a-thons. Encouraging followers to include links and #hashtags in all their tweets. Targets can also be set, such as aiming to reach a certain number of new followers, or the 100th person to place an order on a unique link gets their order for free.

2. Affiliate Social Network - get links with other companies to use their own Facebook and Twitter accounts to help promote your business and you return the favour.

3. Web Chats – set up live web chats or webinars through social media sites, this is a good method for providing advice or showing off a particular product / service.

4. YouTube Campaigns - set up your own YouTube channel and integrate an effective YouTube campaign into your overall promotional strategy. Make it easier for customers to share video content across their own social media networks. 

5. Vouchers / Coupons - everyone loves a voucher or coupon so promote a product or service with a voucher or coupon for social media followers. This provides a reason for people to ‘like’ your Facebook or ‘follow’ you on Twitter.

For more advice feel free to call us to arrange a meeting on how we can help your digital strategy.


Created on Wednesday November 02 2011 04:32 PM

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