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Apple getting health focused and new iPhones!

Apple getting health focused and new iPhones!

It would fair to say I am the office Apple Fanboy. So I am going to live up to that name by writing a blog post about Apple products.  So, to get straight to the point, what am I excited about in the next few months?

Apple Watch: 

While the new Apple Watch 5 will feature small upgrades such a new ceramic case, updated processor and new display, Apple has been adding more heath focused features. Last year, there was the addition of ECG tests which can detect atrial fibrillation (increases your risk for stroke and heart failure) and fall detection that can accurately detect if you have a fall. If there is no input from the user, the emergency services will be contacted and your location shared with them.

The next heath feature rumoured is that the Apple Watch will be capable of detecting the blood sugar lever of diabetics. It is estimated that 1 in 16 people will develop diabetes in their lifetime. Apple have been working on a ‘contactless’ way of measuring blood sugar - at the moment, all products on the market measure this via the user’s bloodstream. This is likely to be the ‘holy grail’ for diabetics. 

This system will allow users to monitor their blood glucose in real time, share their data with friends and relatives, and set customisable alerts to notify them when their glucose levels are getting too high or too low.

There is lots of publicity at the moment for how technology is having a negative impact on our health and Apple’s dive into the health industry certainly reminds us that there can be positives. Is there a future where we all wear these devices for heath benefits? Will not wearing one become as socially unacceptable as not wearing a bike helmet? Only time will tell… 


Apple are going to update their flagship iPhone models: XS and the giant XS max. The most interesting feature of the refreshed models is a triple lens which will make the camera far more versatile, allowing for better zoom and better photos in low light. The new models are rumoured to have the highly mocked notch removed. Competitor’s have enjoyed creating adverts mocking the use of the notch and, as their competition have overcome the issue, it’s likely that they will too.

There will be an increase in CPU performance. The current XS Max (1.52 GHz Quad core) has the same performance score as a 2017 MacBook Pro and we will likely see another large leap on this.

Prices are likely to stay the same starting price at £999 raising to a mind boggling £1449. 

Dan Stephenson

Created on Wednesday September 04 2019 09:00 AM

Tags: apple

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The app that confiscates your keys if you're too drunk

The app that confiscates your keys if you're too drunk

Now THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA. Ever had a row with your partner / friend / acquaintance about whether or not they should drive home after having had a few?

"I'm NOT too drunkkk, of COURSE I can drivvve..." they say as they sway unconvincingly in front of you.

We'll, thanks to this clever little app from Becks and Leo Burnett Belgrade, you need worry no longer about the inevitable wrestling of keys off said drunk friend.

The app does it all for you. Becks Sobriety Test asks the user to maintain holding a key over a keyhole for 25 seconds, as it moves around the phone's screen. If you do it fine, you're good to go! If not, however the phone clocks your location and rings the nearest taxi company to you, to pick you up.

Brilliant! Not quite a physical restraint, but come on... it is still just a phone...

Created on Wednesday October 05 2011 02:46 PM

Tags: apple iphone beckssobrietytest iphoneapp leoburnett

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The next generation iPhone - to be or not to be?

The next generation iPhone - to be or not to be?

OK so it's no secret we're all addicited to our iPhones at Focus Towers, we can't help it, they've changed our lives (literally). As summer inches ever closer that normally means a new iPhone model launch, but with the launch of the iPhone 5 or the 4S as it may be called postponed until September, what new features can we expect, that are worth resisting the really tempting upgrade to the iPhone 4 that I'm being offered?

Well rumor has it that it's going to be more gamer orientated with the same graphical power of the iPad 2. The CPU speed will be twice that of the previous iPhone with the graphics being up to 9 times quicker, which is phenomenal considering how snappy they are currently. There's also talk of a camera upgrade to 8MP which for me is a big draw, the camera quality on the 3GS does sometimes frustrate me - afterall I like my Facebook pictures sharp! What's most exciting is the talk of 4G technology in iPhones but that's being delayed until 2012. 4G technology, also refferred to as LTE technology, being the next generation of faster data technology.

All that sounds great but secretly (or maybe not so secretly) what I really care about is how it's going to look and reports say it's likely to have the same design as the iPhone 4 but a bit slimmer.

So I guess it's not worth risking upgrading before September but I know I'll be scanning the gizmo rumor sites daily until then! Let's just hope Apple have figured out all the bugs before the launch this time .....


Created on Thursday May 19 2011 11:31 AM

Tags: apple iphone launch

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