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Annette is at #winwithoutpitching today with @Bristol_Media and @blairenns, will be an interesting afternoon, posted 7 days ago

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The New Girl

I was living in Hamburg, painting, when it suddenly came to me; I'm going to be a Graphic Designer. So, I boarded the plane to Bristol and began a degree in the subject. Circumstances meant I did freelance graphics by the side of unrelated jobs for a few years including a role at a law firm in Abu Dhabi. I never gave up though and finally nabbed that dream job, so here I am at Focus.

As my start date crept ever closer, excitement turned to nerves and I wasted a week worrying about the week to come. As it turns out nobody here breathes fire and I haven't fallen flat on my face... yet.
On my first day there was a casual mention of an upcoming hot air balloon ride which I foolishly took as a harmless prank on the new girl. My mistake, I should have known really. I'm surrounded by creatives with over-active minds, of course a pleasant lunch wouldn't be their idea of a team building exercise, unless the buffet is 3,000 feet high.
This, like my time here so far is quirky, surprising, exciting and definitely keeps me on my toes, the only difference is nobody here is full of hot air. I couldn't ask for a nicer bunch to be 'stuck' in a basket with. I can honestly say that I look forward to going in to work each day and getting stuck in. The intelligence behind web design is fascinating and I am fortunate enough to be involved in both the marketing and the design side of things. These guys really know their stuff and I intend to soak it up up like a sponge. An irritating sponge that eavesdrops on their conversations, but that demonstrates a willingness to learn, right?
I'm sure there are plenty more surprises in store for me here and I can't wait. I want to thank everybody at Focus for being so welcoming and of course for all the cups of tea!

Jordana Jeffrey

Created on Thursday April 05 2012 09:58 AM


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