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QR Codes....will they last through 2012?

QR Codes....will they last through 2012?

QR codes have been in use over the last few years, but are they a passing trend or do they have ability to become a marketing tool for the next decade?

It still remains to be seen the effectiveness of a QR code campaign. Recently it feels like marketers are adopting a policy of ‘stick a QR code on it’. A recent Econsultancy survey conducted online using TolunaQuick found that only 31% of UK consumers knew what QR codes were or what they are for, and just 19% had scanned one on their mobiles. I also recently saw a billboard advert on the side of a building with a large QR code 100 metres from the ground – not exactly an ideal place for someone to scan it.

I have however seen some really intuitive uses of QR codes in the news recently. eBay have set up a pop up virtual shop in London where you scan a QR code to make an instant purchase, Dominoes have been using QR codes on their menus for a while now to both incentivise and also push users to their mobile apps and sites.

The news this week that John Lewis has set up a virtual shop in Brighton. All of the retailer's ‘top 30 things to buy for Christmas’ are included in a window display at a branch of Waitrose. This is to promote the ‘click and collect' option John Lewis is currently offering. I’d imagine that if this uptake of major brands and retailers continues, QR codes will continue to be used. It could be the marketing tool that bridges the gap between traditional shopping and eCommerce. Who knows it could be the future of retailing – smaller shops which carry no stock and only display QR codes??

Created on Tuesday November 29 2011 09:52 AM

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