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Annette is at #winwithoutpitching today with @Bristol_Media and @blairenns, will be an interesting afternoon, posted 7 days ago

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Another new boy at Focus..

I’ve been told it’s a mandatory requirement of a new Focus employee to write a goes....

An introduction to me would probably be the best place to start I suppose....I’m Kyle, the new Account Manager here at Focus; I was previously working at a large PLC in the marketing department.

I was looking forward to getting started at Focus since the job offer came through, even from my initial meeting about the role with Simon; I knew the role and company would be the right choice for me.

So the first week......I had been commuting to Birmingham every week for the last 6 months to my previous job and was not only looking forward to not having the 100 mile drive to and from work, but also meeting everyone at Focus and being involved in all things digital on a daily basis!

My first impressions of Focus are very positive; we are a very forward thinking agency with a real hunger to develop....something which was a big appeal to me when considering the move!

The first week was spent on introductions, getting to know the Focus team; I ventured to my first client meeting with Emily and was mainly getting up to speed on everything and gaining an understanding of our current clients and how Focus approaches the world of digital.

I’m really looking forward to the new and exciting challenges ahead with the new role and glad I made the move to join Focus. 

Created on Monday July 25 2011 03:14 PM


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