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The Election according to W3C

The Election according to W3C

In case you hadn't noticed, today (6th May) is polling day in the UK and we decided to do our own exit poll in another random attempt to see who will be in number 10 tomorrow.

However, we decided not to use the usual method of asking people who they will vote for, we decided to base our poll on whether the home page (ignoring any 'vote today' splash pages) of each party's web site validated against W3C standards. Yes, probably truly geeky. But relevant in a twisted sort of way, seeing as new media and such is seen as the new way to shout politics.

So, how did the big parties fare? Well.....
 - Lib Dems: failed with 1 error. (although they are the only ones to have declared against XHTML Strict - obviously.....)
 - UKIP: another failure, 10 errors and 2 warnings. Bad news for Mr Farage.
 - Green Party: 39 errors. Environmentally friendly, but not particularly accessible.
 - Conservatives: passed! Although there was one warning.
 - Labour. Oh dear. It looks like Gordon is in for a tough night - an incredible 286 errors and 45 warnings.   

So rounding up in true Paxman style, looks like Labour need to give us a call about getting their web site sorted.

Happy voting.

Simon Newing

Created on Thursday May 06 2010 08:27 AM

Tags: campaigns

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