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Emails drive you crazy!

Yes - it's official.  The sheer amount of emails that land in your inbox every day could tip you over the edge, according to the Beeb.

With over two million emails sent every minute in the UK, this is hardly surprising!

The highly informative and interesting article comes up with a variety of handy tips to deal with 'e-stress' (the term I have personally coined for what doctors are no doubt treating in overwhelming numbers in surgeries across the land), including:

 - getting straight to the point in the text
 - CC-ing only the most relevant contacts
 - setting your spam filter to 'high'. 

How much this is blatant advertising for a BBC2 documentary airing tonight is unclear, yet I feel eager to undertake the next task on todays list:  indiscriminate deletion of all messages in my inbox.  After all, my health is at stake here....

Created on Friday March 07 2008 11:06 AM

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